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Why Do Cats Hate Cucumber?

Why do cats hate cucumber? Well, quite simply, it’s very simple; it’s just too darned tasty.

So, now why do cats fear cucumbers? Well, it’s easy, really. Cats hate vegetables, and that includes cucumber! So, there’s an easy answer. I’m sure most of you already knew this!

Cukes are the world’s most common vegetable. I am sure we have all eaten them in our own lives – maybe only once or twice. And I bet you don’t really know what cukes are, but let’s look at why they’re so deadly to cats.

First of all, cukes are packed with water! Yes, they’re packed with water so full of nutrients that your cat would feel thirsty, too. Now, think about this: Cucumbers are full of sugar too. Just think about how many calories your cat is ingesting every time you cut a cucumber open and chew on it…

What’s worse, a lot of people who eat cucumber actually end up tasting it. This happens for a few reasons: One, since the cucumber has a bitter taste and can be kind of sour, your cat may mistake it for a bitter taste and a trip to the bathroom.

Second of all, if you happen to bite into a cucumber while you’re not looking, then cats are pretty smart. They can identify your facial characteristics and can recognize what part of your face it’s bitten onto. And that’s how to identify the source of your cravings. If you bite into a cucumber while you’re not looking, then you’ll be surprised to find out that it tastes bitter! – not good, right?

That’s right: Cats love to lie to make themselves seem nice and attractive. You see, they can fool us humans, and get us to think that they’ve just had a sweet treat that is in fact very bitter – especially when their teeth haven’t even brushed yet! We end up eating that bitter stuff without realizing it. – and this is one of the reasons why do cats like to eat cucumber!

Cukes are delicious, yes, but they’re also deadly. I’m telling you, cats hate cukes – and you should too.



Cukes are high in starch, so they add to the sweetness of the cucumber. And just like with human sweets, cakes contain too much glucose, which leads to your cat feeling hungry very fast. Just imagine your cat gulping down a huge bowl of sugar.

Cukes are also rich in calories. Just think about how many extra calories your cat will be ingesting each time you pick up some and eat it with water. This is why do cats hate cucumbers – because it just makes their energy levels go way up.

Cukes are also filled with toxins, too. If your cat likes to eat cukes, then it’s probably eating cukes because it contains a lot of them. The good news, though, is that cukes are not particularly harmful and do not give a lot of symptoms that can endanger your cat’s health, but the bad news is that they do have some.

Cukes, like most other veggies, are a major source of aflatoxin, an organism that is found in the soil. When you eat these veggies, this toxin gets into the bloodstream.

Aflatoxin can cause diarrhea, breathing problems, and even kidney failure – and all of these can be fatal. If you’re not careful, it can even be fatal! If you want to be sure that your cat does not have aflatoxin, you should definitely read up on it. There are a number of websites that will help you understand exactly what Aflatoxin is and how to avoid it.

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